1. Clumio

    …Software Engineer

    1. Backend
    2. Cloud
    • Backup service development & maintenance, based on Golang
    • Develop based on Serverless Architecture (kubernetes, AWS Lambda) and deployment (terraform)
  2. TmaxData

    …Team Leader

    1. Backend
    • Study technology and apply for working
      • Study Books: Refactoring 2, Clean code
      • Code review based on readability, test-coverage.
    • Work effciency improvement
      • Wiki documentation
      • Redesigned category for ease of searching document
    • Education for New-hire
      • Documentation for New-hire
      • Provide tutorial
    • Team Management
      • Workload distribution
      • Checklist for long-term or potential issues.
      • Grading based on workload, code quality, design availabilty, growth, etc.
    • Motivating team member to develop
      • Assign long term issue which is challenging, also could be one’s career.
      • Higher priority on development and designing than other issues.
  3. TmaxData

    …Software Engineer

    1. Backend

    RDBMS engine develop & maintenance

    • Parser design & development
      • Based on Bison/Flex (DDL, PLSQL, SQL Parser)
      • Custom Parser design to reduce grammar conflict
    • Reducing DBMS Lock & Cache improvement
      • Implementing new lock design per partition
      • Global cache for PL/SQL
      • Minimizing lock to better performance / removing deadlock.
    • PL/SQL engine development
      • Nested Type
      • Dblink protocol
      • PL/SQL VM interpreter optimizing
      • PL/SQL compiled mode design
    • Develop addition features for DBMS
      • Gateway
      • Job module
      • DB monitoring process
      • PL/SQL Package development
        • Message Queue based on PL/SQL
        • Debugger based on PL/SQL
    • DevOps
      • Early error check script on compile time to prevent addition cost.
      • Framework for unit test
      • Development and distribution in unified environment using Docker
    • Output
      • Removed most of the severe bugs of our module.
      • Contribute to company for developing important features, about 3x Revenue compared to 18y.
  1. B.S. graduate from Seoul National Univ.


    • Various side project on Github
    • Development activity: UPnL
    • Security activity: Guardian
    • Some events: SW Maestro, Microsoft App Hackathon 등
  2. Software Maestro 3rd member


    • Streaming platform of individual (Android dev.)
    • Game controller platform (Android, server, demo game dev.)
  3. M.S. graduate from Seoul National Univ.


    • Analyzing mRNA data
    • Model design and develop based on Tensorflow
    • Written 4 Paper (one main author)
  1. Identifying stress-related genes and predicting stress types in Arabidopsis using logical correlation layer and CMCL loss through time-series data

    …BIBM, Main Author

    • Model development which find out stress label and biomarkers from time-series mRNA.
    • Used model input as Extracting DEG p-value from Rscript, output as one-hot encoded label
    • Added group effect for data of small cardinality
    • Used CMCL loss for Multiple selection
    • Though small cardinality of learning data set, remarkable output had came out.
  2. In silico experiment system


    • In silico experiment in Web
    • Implementation of analyze pipeline with Flask
    • Preprocessing: DEG from Rscript
    • Used cytoscape.js for Graph rendering
    • Cross validation with real biomarker
  3. Venn-diaNet


    Venn-diaNet: venn diagram based network propagation analysis framework for comparing multiple biological experiments

    • Preprocessing: DEG from Rscript
    • Developed venn diagram rendering based on cytoscape.js
      • Usable for N-group
      • Venn diagram and node element positioning using Edge weight
      • Performance improvement using threshold for selective rendering.
  4. HTRgene


    HTRgene: integrating multiple heterogeneous time-series data to investigate cold and heat stress response signaling genes in Arabidopsis

    • New DEG Algorithm: Using clustering, find order of biomarker and it’s pvalue.
    • Performance Proof: Compared to other DEG algorithm, HTRGene had found remarkable genes other tools hadn’t found with Arabidopsis.
  1. Rhythmus

    …C++, OpenGL, GLFW

    1. Game
    • Develop Game Engine by own
      • For compliance to GPL License
      • Based on GLFW
      • Multicore optimized design for resource loading
        • Develop resource scheduler using worker/task queue
      • Dynamic vsync for minimizing input lag
      • Mixer implementation with Sound effector
      • Support other game resource (dxa)
      • Game script runtime (lua, lr2script)
    • Be-music script library engine
      • Used googletest
  2. bmx2ogg


    • Audio decode/encode, mixing development
      • With pitch / speed change
    • travis CI for stable release
  3. iidx.insane.pe.kr


    1. Backend
    2. Frontend
    3. Web
    • Game record managing, based on django + ORM
      • frontend: jQuery + bootstrap
    • Recommendation service
      • Measure each record and user based on MCML, and suggestion based on measurement.
    • Maintenance tool
      • Automated management via scripts
      • Data modification tool for easy maintenance
  4. iBeatcon for Android

    …Android, C#

    1. Android
    • client: Android, server: C#
  5. Controller based on Smartphone Sensor

    …Android, python

    1. Android
    • server: python, client: Android
    • Motion recognition using machine learning for high accuracy
  6. Rhythmus_java


    1. Game
    • Based on libGDX engine
      • High compatibility (Windows, Mac, Android)
      • Small time/cost for development
  7. NovelViewer

    …C++, DirectX

    • Text novel viewer for UMPC
    • Many features: bookmark, automatically open last closed file, etc.
    • Smooth pagination animation
    • Performance optimization: DirectX(GPU) + font cache for better UX
Programming language
  1. Go
  2. Python
  3. C/C++
  4. Java
  5. Rust
  6. Javascript
  7. CSS
  8. R
  9. PL/SQL
  10. shell
Framework & Platform
  1. django
  2. bootstrap
  3. jquery
  4. SDL2
  5. OpenGL
  6. Tensorflow
  7. GLFW
  8. Flex/Bison
  9. RDB
  10. NoSQL
  11. Android
  12. Linux
  13. terraform
  14. AWS
  15. Docker
  16. kubernetes